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2023 USA Pickleball National Championship Series Schedule

If you follow pickleball leagues or enjoy playing, you might want to attend the 2023 USA Pickleball National Championship Series (NCS). This year's competition will consist of five tournaments that decide who goes on to play in the finalist match at Indian Wells Tennis Garden in California.

The championship games will take place between November 4-12, 2023. Watch your favorite team compete for a shot at the grand title or enter the tournament to see how far you go.

The National Championship Lineup

The five tournaments will take place across the USA. The specific dates and locations qualifiers will compete at are as follows:

  • February 8-12, 2023: Daytona Beach, Florida (Pictona at Holly Hill)
  • March 29-April 2, 2023: Mesa, Arizona (Bell Bank Park)
  • May 10-14, 2023: Cincinnati, Ohio (Sawyer Point Pickleball Facility)
  • May 24-28, 2023: New York City, New York (USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center)
  • June 28-July 2, 2023: Newport Beach, California (Tennis and Pickleball Club at Newport Beach)

Winners of the Newport Beach matches will move forward to the National Championships in Indian Wells, California.

You can think of this group as the main authority over United States pickleball rules, regulations and official leagues.

What Is the National Championship Organization?

You may be familiar with USA Pickleball. This organization oversees the annual USA Pickleball NCS and organizes the qualifying tournaments. You can think of this group as the main authority over United States pickleball rules, regulations and official leagues. The goal of USA Pickleball is to help grow the sport and show teams where they can play nationwide.

The NCS partners with the Association of Pickleball Professionals (APP) to schedule pickleball tours. Officials behind the NCS and APP give teams from around the U.S. the opportunity to face off for the ultimate title. USA Pickleball is responsible for handing out gold, silver and bronze medals to the athletes.

Finding the Right Gear for the USA Pickleball National Championship Series

Athletes are required to follow guidelines set by USA Pickleball to play in tournaments. So, teams need equipment that aligns with the rules and regulations set by this national governing body for the sport.

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