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Gift Buying Guide for Rhino Pickleball Products

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Pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in the United States, and with over 8.9 million players nationwide, you're bound to know a few avid pickleball players or people who want to get into the sport. For these friends and family members, pickleball equipment from Rhino Pickleball — including paddles, balls and nets — make the perfect gift. 

Rhino Pickleball provides pickleball equipment for athletes of all skill levels, and we've curated this gift-buying guide to help you find the best pickleball gifts no matter who you're buying for!

Pickleball Paddles

You can't play pickleball without a pickleball paddle, but not just any paddle will do. At Rhino Pickleball, we stock a wide variety of pickleball paddles and recommend choosing the right one for the individual player's preferences. When shopping for seasoned pickleball players looking for an upgrade, it's best to find out exactly what they prefer in a paddle. If you're working within a budget and your gift recipient is a beginner, you can opt for a more affordable paddle option.

Here are our best options for each budget level:

Chart showing the price levels for Rhino Pickleball paddles

For a more in-depth view of the different paddle prices, view our paddle price comparison chart. You can also review our pickleball comparison chart for a weight and material overview of our paddle range.

2-Player Pickleball Paddle Set

If the person you're buying paddles for wants to get their friends in on the pickleball fun, buying them a 2-player paddle set is perfect. Our 2-player EDGE100 pickleball paddle set is an affordable option made for both indoor and outdoor use. The set also comes with two optic yellow pickleballs, so your gift recipient will only need to purchase a net or visit a pickleball court to get started.

Pickleball Nets

This gift option allows pickleball players to set up a court on any flat surface, perfect for athletes on the go. Our RHINO deluxe pickleball net is a high-quality, portable net with locking wheels. The net also comes with a nylon mesh bag, so it's easy to carry and store away when not in use. We also offer a discount when you bundle a net with either paddles or balls

If you'd like to go above and beyond, you can add our deluxe pickleball replacement net to your gift so that if anything happens to their net, they'll have a replacement ready. This is also a practical gift option for someone who already owns a RHINO Deluxe Net.

Pickleball Balls

For an affordable gift option that every pickleball player needs, you can't go wrong with a set of pickleballs. Pickleballs eventually become soft and cracked and lose their ability to bounce, and when this happens, they'll want some new balls ready to go. There are two types of pickleballs — indoor and outdoor.

Indoor Balls

Indoor pickleballs are formulated specifically for indoor use. They're softer and more textured than outdoor balls, with fewer holes that give them more spin while producing less noise. We also recommend indoor balls for beginner players, even when used outside.

Our indoor pickleball range includes our Storm Series pickleballs that come in a set of six.

Outdoor Balls

Outdoor pickleballs are harder and smoother than indoor balls and are created with outdoor use in mind. They have more holes spaced closer together, so your shots remain as straight as possible, even in windy conditions. They're a bit more difficult to control, but they'll give your shots more power.

If your gift recipient is playing in tournaments, you'll want to buy pickleballs that the USA Pickleball Association (USAPA) has approved. Our outdoor pickleball range includes:

Pickleball Accessories

What do you do if your gift recipient already has paddles, a net and an abundance of pickleball balls? Well, they'd probably appreciate some pickleball court equipment and accessories.

Here are a few of our suggestions:

Fitness Training Products

Our final suggestion for the perfect gift for pickleball lovers is some general physical fitness and training equipment so they can get fit and increase their endurance. Choose one of the following gifts: 

Choose Rhino Pickleball for the Perfect Gift

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Rhino Pickleball, created by Champion Sports, understands just how important quality is when it comes to pickleball products, whether your gift recipient is a beginner or a pro. With the right equipment, pickleball players can improve their technique and dominate on the court in no time.

We've manufactured our line of pickleball paddles, nets, balls and accessories with a focus on quality and affordability, so you know you're buying a product that will last. We're dedicated to the pickleball community and are always looking to innovate as the sport grows. 

View our pickleball products page to find that perfect pickleball gift, and enjoy free Standard UPS Ground shipping on orders over $25. Before you check out, don't forget to sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest pickleball news and updates, as well as 10% off your entire order!